Tips for Preventing and Treating Hair Loss


All Natural Remedies for Hair Loss in Men and Women

Many of us will be affected by thinning hair or male or female pattern baldness in our lifetime. There are many remedies available, including medical treatments such as Rogaine, Propecia, or hair transplant surgery. But some of us prefer more natural home remedies for hair loss. As with any treatment, these natural remedies may take several months before you are able to see their desired affects.


Aromatherapy oils are believed to stimulate hair growth. By combining several oils together and massaging into the scalp each night for 5 minutes has been shown to develop new hair growth. Mix together 3 drops each of the following essential oils: cedarwood, rosemary, thyme, and lavender, along with 1/8 cup of jojoba oil and 1/8 cup of grapeseed oil. Make sure you avoid your eyes and do not take internally.


Ayurveda is a holistic form of medicine practiced in India. It literally means ‘Science of Life.’ They believe in several hair loss treatments such as massaging your scalp with brahmi or bhringaraj oil before bedtime. Massaging your hair with vitamin E oil may also prevent hair loss.


Traditional Chinese medicine believes that hair loss is directly linked to the kidneys. If one has kidney deficiency syndrome it can result in hair loss. Taking a kidney tonic can restore kidney energy and prevent hair loss. Kidney tonics can be found in pill and tea form.


Saw Palmetto oil interacts with hormones and can block dihydrotesterone (DHT). DHT is the leading cause of hair loss in men. It is believed that saw palmetto oil can have an affect similar to that of Propecia.


Diets high in silica, which can be found in whole foods such as the outer skins of potatoes, sprouts, peppers, and cucumbers, will strengthen the hair. Meats and other foods high in iron will support hair health and growth.


Other natural remedies for hair loss include plant extracts and herbs. Mix aloe vera with castor oil and olive oil and massage into the scalp. Nirgundi is a plant whose leaves are ground and boiled and lightly massaged onto the scalp to help prevent hair loss.  


There are many forms of hair loss treatments, from doctor prescribed to surgical to an all natural hair loss remedy. Just because you suffer from hair loss does not mean you have to live with it. There is a viable option for everyone.

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