Tips for Preventing and Treating Hair Loss

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Male and Female Hair Loss Articles

Hair Loss Facts and Fallacies
There are a lot of myths regarding male and female hair loss. This article includes the most common myths and whether or not there is any truth to them.

Vitamins and Minerals to Promote Hair Growth
Nutrition is not just vital to your overall health, but is important to the health of your hair as well. Learn which vitamins and minerals promote healthy hair.

Hair Loss Causes Other Than Genetics
Genetics is the #1 cause of hair loss, but there are others that cause hair loss in children, men, and women. 

All Natural Remedies for Hair Loss
There are natural remedies for hair loss which many people prefer over doctor prescribed or surgical. Find the hair loss remedy that is right for you. 

Do I Actually Need Hair Restoration?
Hair Restoration is not for everyone. Each person needs to decide how comfortable they are with their own hair loss. 

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